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ORACLE Interview Expertise for Technical Analyst (On-Campus)

Oracle got here to our faculty for on-campus hiring for batch 2023. They got here for Technical Analyst (Help ACS) position during which they’re offering each INTERN+FTE for this position.

I believed there shall be many interview rounds however I used to be shocked after the preplacement speak. Within the preplacement speak, they knowledgeable us that there shall be just one ultimate spherical of interviews. However that single spherical of interviews shouldn’t be easy, it’s like combining 4 totally different rounds of interviews in a single interview. We shall be interviewed by  4 interviewers who shall be testing us with every ability we’ve got and in addition asking numerous topic questions. Solely shortlisted college students can attend the preplacement speak.  

Whole Course of: Digital On-line mode: Platform: Hackerrank
Spherical 1: Period: 2 hr. Issue: Arduous. There are 4 sections during which there are 2 coding questions, 1 REST API, 1 DBMS(SQL question), and 5 MCQs (OS, DSA, Pseudocode, DBMS, APTI) complete of 9 questions.

  • Coding -There have been 2 questions, one was medium and one other was very exhausting(Connecting to database REST API ) for my buddy one of many questions was like node js database connecting questions was very exhausting questions. I  have solved 1 medium-rated query. 
  • MCQ Questions- There have been 7 questions that cowl numerous ideas like
    •  DSA and DB
    • Math logical
    • Hashing
  • Networks
  • Discovering time complexity for the given code
  • Basic aptitude: Every query carries a 6 or 4 mark and in addition questions weren’t direct and simple it was medium to hard-rated questions. 
  • SQL QUERY: A really very exhausting question was given. I used to be not in a position to clear up this. Principally be a part of associated questions may be requested and in addition questions shall be extra advanced. That is the corporate the place the primary spherical is tough in coding and SQL question part as in comparison with all corporations throughout placements.

To get certified for the subsequent spherical a minimum of clear up 1 coding query, SQL question, and a few MCQs. 

ROUND 2: DURATION: 1:30 MIN. DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM-HARD. There have been a complete of 4 interviewers in a single single panel, the first one shall be asking about coding dsa ideas, 2nd one shall be projected technical stuff and a few database ideas and a few database concept, third one shall be asking about database queries, and the 4th one shall be asking situational-based questions like he would be the HR so 
some common questions shall be requested him.

Technical Interview: The interview begins with their introduction, 4 interviewers launched themselves they usually requested me to introduce myself. After my introduction, they had been seeing my resume, after which 2 interviewers began asking about my challenge, very deep questions on my challenge algorithm, and so forth.
I defined as a lot as I can however the interviewer shouldn’t be glad with my rationalization of the challenge. He requested me about which is my favourite topic. I stated networks. Then  interviewer gave one coding query which is a quite simple query:

  • Reverse the given string after which after explaining my code and strategy. He gave the enter string with some little modifications that are of the string containing some particular characters additionally he informed me to reverse the string excluding particular characters and I coded utilizing ASCII after which I defined my ASCII strategy to the query, and he was glad with my solutions. For me, the interviewer was not concentrating extra on the coding half however for my buddy, the interviewer was asking him to jot down code for Manhattan distance within the hackerrank platform after which palindrome code after which discover the subsequence within the palindrome, so we will’t say something, the interviewer can ask something. So be ready for every thing. 
  • He began by asking about OOPS ideas as I’ve talked about in my space of curiosity, he requested me to jot down code for methodology overloading and methodology overriding and requested me to clarify that, he requested me about inheritance and a few 
    common oops questions and in addition he requested me concerning the join-based query by assuming 2 tables eventualities he requested me what can we do. I answered with joins ideas, he was glad, and in addition he requested me for extra view-based questions and in addition queries utilizing view.
  • 2nd  interviewer began asking questions that are absolutely based mostly on the database concept ideas just like the distinction between SQL and PL/SQL, main key, the overseas key, Combination capabilities, what’s using combination capabilities,
    the distinction between main and distinctive key, can we use the place and having 
    in the identical question? distinction between the place and having clauses, some PL/SQL questions, triggers, forms of triggers, cursor, why cursor is used?
  • third interviewer began asking some java based mostly questions like how java is sort of a platform-independent language clarify?, what’s Exception, the distinction between an exception and an error, how are you going to resolve it, and what consumer defines an exception.
    ?, Have u used any user-defined exceptions? What’s the distinction between python and java, compile time and run time, and the distinction between the online server and DB server?
  • Questions come up from networks as a result of I stated my favourite topic is networks. Some questions had been what’s the Port quantity and what’s its use of it, the distinction between TCP and UDP, what’s a Digital certificates, some 
    encryption course of, who shall be giving the digital certificates, and in addition who’s answerable for that, I defined symmetric and Uneven cryptography, and he requested me about the private and non-private keys who shall be offering that key why that’s required, who encrypts and decrypts the message, what’s a socket.
  • Once more some database questions in java, how are you going to join java and the database I answered his JDBC, after which he requested me to jot down the code however I stated I can’t recall it as a result of I’m not certain concerning the database code. He requested me do u know HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Then they had been discussing with themselves, and everybody was glad with their questions and my solutions, after that some common questions like what’s your ardour different than finding out additionally I informed them my gardening hobbies, then 
    he requested me about industrial coaching and its length that I’ve talked about in my resume, then he requested me what did u study from that. Then he requested me concerning the certification I discussed in my CV, then he requested me whether or not u have participated in a hackathon, and aside from 
    research he requested some common questions.
  • Finally, they requested me Do u have any questions for us and I requested them 2questions about their firm. The interviewer is not going to simply blindly hearken to your solutions regardless that it’s appropriate he shall be asking you want are u certain? about this, like he shall be testing how robust you’re and your accuracy within the solutions ideas every thing. So whereas answering be assured and really certain about it.


  • Self-introduction
  • Depth Questioning in Initiatives and Areas of Curiosity
  • SQL Queries
  • Extra data about Database 
  • Good at Java programming and connecting SQL.
  • Undergo every line that u point out in your resume.
  • Clarify tasks which you’re certain about and assured in answering via.
  • In case you actually don’t know the reply simply merely don’t say I Don’t 
  • Understand it creates a foul impression about u, so inform them I’m not certain and inform your reply with their permission opinion.
  • Be robust in OOPS, DBMS, DSA, NETWORKS, CODING, OS and 
  • Some puzzles to cracking any interviews.


Completely 8 college students had been chosen from my faculty.

  • In case you received rejected don’t fear about it as a result of I received rejected by many corporations and the factor which I did is get robust in all of the areas additionally I took notes like what are all of the errors that I make in interviews that make me get rejected. I realized from my Errors. 
  • There’s loads of Fish within the Sea, catch one other Fish.
  • Consistency and HARD WORK is the Key to Success.




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