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Heterostructured Bi–Cu2S nanocrystals for environment friendly CO2 electroreduction to formate

The electrochemical CO2 discount response (ECO2RR) pushed by renewable electrical energy holds promise to retailer intermittent vitality in chemical bonds, whereas producing value-added chemical compounds and fuels sustainably. Sadly, it stays a grand problem to concurrently obtain a excessive faradaic effectivity (FE), a low overpotential, and a excessive present density of the ECO2RR. Herein, we report the synthesis of heterostructured Bi–Cu2S nanocrystals by way of a one-pot solution-phase methodology. The epitaxial progress of Cu2S on Bi results in considerable interfacial websites and the resultant heterostructured Bi–Cu2S nanocrystals allow extremely environment friendly ECO2RR with a largely decreased overpotential (240 mV decrease than that of Bi), a near-unity FE (>98%) for formate manufacturing, and a excessive partial present density (2.4- and 5.2-fold larger JHCOO than Cu2S and Bi at −1.0 V vs. reversible hydrogen electrode, RHE). Density practical concept (DFT) calculations present that the electron switch from Bi to Cu2S on the interface results in the preferential stabilization of the formate-evolution intermediate (*OCHO).

Graphical abstract: Heterostructured Bi–Cu2S nanocrystals for efficient CO2 electroreduction to formate



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